Seller Closing Cost Calculator for Pennsylvania (2022 Data)

Written by Elizabeth BoydFebruary 9th, 20234 minute read

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Seller Closing Cost Calculator for Pennsylvania

Our Pennsylvania seller closing costs calculator can help you estimate how much you'll net from the sale of your home. The closing costs and amounts to be deducted from your purchase price will vary depending on your real estate market, the home sales price, and other factors.

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Seller closing cost calculator for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania closing cost estimator breakdown

🔍 Closing Cost
💰 Amount
5.53% ($11,955)
1% ($2,162*)
$5 for duplicate / ~$150–$350 for new
Amount calculations based on median home price of $216,187

Realtor commission fees (5.53%)

The average listing agent in Pennsylvania charges a 2.72% commission to help sell your home for the best value. Buyers also use agents to help them find a home and negotiate a fair deal. But the seller pays the buyer’s agent commission, averaging 2.81% in Pennsylvania.

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Broker services ($150–$700)

Broker service fees are separate from realtor commissions. You may see them billed as administrative, conveyancing, or transaction fees. They cover document management and storage, escrow services, and other administrative expenses associated with the closing.

Deed preparation ($150)

The title company or an attorney charges a fee to prepare the deed with the new owner’s information. It must be executed and recorded in the county where the home is. Deed recording fees ($700-$750) are separate and typically the buyer’s responsibility.

Deed transfer tax (1%)

The Pennsylvania deed transfer tax is a state requirement that essentially taxes real estate sales. It includes a 1% tax by the state of Pennsylvania, plus city and school district taxes (typically adding up to 1%). The 2% total is usually split evenly between the buyer and seller.

Document preparation

Brokers will charge fees to prepare and draft the documents required at closing. These fees vary from one transaction to another. For example, a power of attorney may or may not be necessary to close on your sale.

Home warranty ($350–$600)

A seller’s home warranty provides financial protection in case something breaks down before the sale closes. It typically covers the appliances and all major systems (HVAC, water heater). Sellers may also purchase a traditional home warranty for the buyer, paying for the first year’s premium. It’s not a requirement, but it can incentivize the buyer. Some warranty companies offer a discount or a free seller’s warranty if you purchase both plans.

Notary fee ($75–$150)

Notaries typically charge a flat fee for a closing appointment. At closing, your notary signing agent performs various services (acknowledgment, jurat, signature witnessing, and copy certification). They ensure the necessary documents are correctly signed for legitimate and binding loan contracts and real estate sales agreements.

Overnight payoff ($15–$25)

If you have an outstanding mortgage on the property you're selling, your settlement company may overnight a final payoff to your lender. The overnight payoff is a mailing fee that your settlement company charges for this service.

Settlement fee ($150)

Your title company or closing attorney may or may not charge this administrative closing fee.

Tax certifications/lien letter ($5–$200)

The settlement company must verify that there are no tax liens or municipal claims against your property. Once that’s done, it will prepare a no-lien letter for closing. Lien letter charges vary across the state.

Prorated property tax

You’re responsible for a share of the current year’s property taxes covering the time you owned the property during the year of sale. For example, if you sell in mid-September, you'll pay the prorated amount for eight and a half months. The buyer is responsible for the remaining three and half months.

Occupancy permit ($150–$350)

An occupancy permit or certificate of occupancy certifies that your house is livable, safe for residential purposes, and compliant with local building codes. You may be able to use the original certificate if there haven’t been substantial changes. But the rules and regulations vary from municipality to municipality.

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How to save on Pennsylvania seller closing costs

✅ Sell with a low-commission realtor

Paying a lower listing rate is a great way to keep more of your sale profits. Real estate agent commissions represent the bulk of your closing costs, with an average listing fee of around 2.72% in Pennsylvania.

If you want to reduce that cost, you can use an agent-matching service to connect with experienced low-commission real estate agents. We recommend Clever Real Estate: it pre-negotiates low commission rates for sellers, with listing fees as low as 1.5%.

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✅ Negotiate closing costs with the buyer

You may be able to negotiate the payment of some closing costs with your buyer, depending upon whether it's a seller's or a buyer's market. You can save money if the buyer is willing to foot the bill for some closing services. Talk to your real estate agent about the advisability of negotiating those costs.

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FAQ for seller closing costs in Pennsylvania

How much are closing costs typically in Pennsylvania?

Seller closing costs in Pennsylvania typically run about 2% of the home sales price. That’s $4,324 on a $216,817 sale. You also have to add realtor commissions to that total, which currently average 5.53% in Pennsylvania ($11,955 at that same price). Learn how to reduce realtor commissions.

Closing costs for Pennsylvania buyers average about 3–5% of the purchase price. Most of those costs are loan-related.

Do sellers pay closing costs in Pennsylvania?

Sellers pay part of the closing costs for Pennsylvania home sales. Some fees are the seller’s responsibility, while they split others with the buyer. For example, buyers and sellers usually split the 2% deed transfer tax 50/50. But who pays for what at closing is up for negotiation in many cases.