Best Driving for Dollars Apps in 2022

Written by Steven PorrelloSeptember 8th, 202212 minute read

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Driving for dollars is a great way to find off-market property deals. And driving for dollars apps are making the tactic more efficient and fruitful than ever before.

Driving for dollars apps represent a major step up from coffee-stained maps, highlighters, and notepads. The best let you pre-plan the most efficient routes, track your progress, pull property and owner data, and build (and send out) direct mail campaigns — all in real time.

Of course, not all driving for dollars apps are created equal. This guide breaks down and compares all the top D4D apps in 2022 (costs, features, performance, and more) to help you choose the best fit.

🏆Our pick: DealMachine

Based on our research and road testing, we think DealMachine is the best driving for dollars app for most people. DealMachine’s app was by far the most intuitive and useful of any we tried when out in the field. And while other investing platforms like PropStream offer more property data and bells and whistles, they’re better-suited for in-depth research on a computer than actual driving for dollars.

In addition to better design and usability, DealMachine’s direct marketing features are a key differentiator. No other driving for dollars app lets you customize direct mailers like DealMachine (you can send postcards with uploaded photos of the target property and handwritten messages). This level of personalization can make a significant difference in upping your response rates.

DealMachine is also the highest and most widely reviewed driving for dollars app on the web, with a 4.8 rating based on more than 4,616 reviews in the Apple App Store and Google Play (for perspective, top competitor PropStream has a 3.7 rating based on 198 total reviews).

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Also good: PropStream

PropStream is advanced real estate software that lets investors tap into huge amounts of property data and build highly targeted lead lists. PropStream recently added a “driving for dollars” function that offers navigation, route tracking, and real-time comps for on-the-road use.

But compared to DealMachine, PropStream’s design and features are lacking when it comes to actual driving for dollars. Data overload obscures the map, which makes navigation and route tracking more difficult. And DealMachine’s seamlessly integrated direct marketing features — and high degree of customization — are definitely a step above. In effect, PropStream’s driving for dollars app feels more like a cool “add-on” to its core lead gen software, whereas DealMachine is designed specifically for the task.

Not every investor needs to spend $100 per month for a driving for dollars app, especially if you’re not running a high-volume operation (e.g. only 1-3 deals per year). There are plenty of free apps and DIY tactics that you can stitch together to get the same general benefits as a paid driving for dollars app. For example:

  1. Download a GPS running tracker, like Strava or MapMyRun. Though designed for runners, these apps will track your driving route, too. This helps you see which streets you’ve already driven, and which you need to explore.
  2. Download an app that gives you free property information, like Homesnap (or LandGlide, which isn’t free but still relatively cheap). These apps help you find key property data like last sales price and estimated value.
  3. Use public records to find property owners, like your county’s assessor or appraiser websites.

If you want to find a serious amount of property deals (and close on them), you’ll definitely want to use advanced driving for dollars apps. They’ll save you time, and they can land you deals that more than make up for their extra cost.

Top 5 driving for dollars apps in 2022

Free trial?
Avg rating
Route tracking
Skip tracing
Send postcards
$99/mo (Pro)
4.8 (4,616 reviews)

7 days
3.7 (198 reviews)

$119/mo (Performance)
7 days
4.0 (128 reviews)

$98/mo (Pro)
4.2 (37 reviews)

$99.99/mo (D4D Pro)
First (5) Saved Properties Free
3.1 (105 reviews)

1. DealMachine: Top pick overall

$49/mo (Starter); $99/mo (Professional); $249/mo (Elite)
Avg rating
4.8 (4,616 total reviews)
Apple | Google Play| Free Trial

What is DealMachine: DealMachine is an all-in-one Driving for Dollars app. DealMachine is our top pick for best Driving for Dollars app in 2022.

Who should consider DealMachine: Real estate investors, flippers, and wholesalers looking for advanced, real-time driving for dollars tools. Good for low- and high-volume investors alike. Offers pricing and functionalities to support individual or team use.

How DealMachine works: Sign up for the free trial to download the app. Once installed on your phone, press “Start Driving” to track your route. Find distressed properties on the road and use the app to check property data and find owner contact info. If the property seems like a viable deal, you can take a picture and send a postcard or email (with the photo attached) to the owners.

👍 Why we like DealMachine

  • Intuitive design: The DealMachine app is super easy to use, even while driving.
  • Retargeted marketing: Built-in follow-up feature that automatically resends mail to property owners who don’t respond to you.
  • Customizable postcards: Choose from a variety of design templates, add your own images, customizable messaging (can even opt for hand-written text). .
  • In-app cold calls: Skip trace owner's phone number through the app, then cold call on the spot. The app will even tell you whether a phone number is active or dead.
  • Batch skip trace: Upload a spreadsheet of property addresses and retrieve contact information in one go. DealMachine can skip trace 500 leads per minute.
  • Keep track of your leads: DealMachine lets you export leads as an Excel spreadsheet that you can upload to a CRM that’s saved to your account.
  • Highly-rated customer service: You can live chat with a real customer service rep or get support via email. Questions are usually answered within minutes.
  • Large support network: Connect with the DealMachine Community Group on Facebook to tap into a network of about 11,600 other members.

👎 DealMachine flaws but not deal breakers

  • Pricey marketing: Postcards and skip tracing costs can add up fast, with rates above some top competitors. But we think DealMachine’s quality warrants the higher price tag.
  • Limited number of drivers: Starter plan only allows one driver, Pro allows two. Elite jumps you up to 30 dollars, but the cost shoots up as well ($249 / month). So if you’re looking for 3-5 drivers, you still have to pay more than double the Pro price tag.
  • Occasionally crashes: DealMachine will sometimes crash on older Android devices.

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2. PropStream: Also good for pros

$99.99/ mo
Avg rating
3.7 (198 reviews)
Apple | Google Play

What is PropStream: PropStream offers heavy-duty real estate software that provides huge amounts of data on listed and unlisted properties.

Who should consider PropStream: PopStream is great for higher-volume investors and flippers who are primarily interested in building lots of targeted lists. While it offers some driving for dollars features, we think it’s better suited to desktop use. If you’re serious about driving for dollars, DealMachine is the better app.

How PropStream works: To start driving, just click the “Drive” icon at the bottom of your app. Then Propstream will let you drive in one of two ways:

  1. Set filters and drive: The filters will show you certain properties within a 50-mile radius of you, such as bankruptcies, vacant properties, and foreclosures. You can zoom in on these properties, check out their information, and even skip trace the owners from your phone.
  2. “Just Drive:” No filters. PropStream just tracks your route and gives you details on houses that you see in real time.

👍 What we like about PropStream

  • Superior list building: Lets you pull multiple lists with over 120 filters, such as high-equity, probates, cash-buyers, foreclosures, and vacant properties.
  • Exhaustive data: Helps you research properties with in-depth lists of property details, tax information, and transaction history.
  • Find info on MLS properties: Along with unlisted properties, you can access data on publicly listed properties.
  • Built-in comps: Pull recent sales data and get real-time comparative market analyses for modeling prospective deals.
  • Rehab calculator: Gives you estimates of repairs so you can roughly calculate the after repair value (ARV) of a property.

👎 Where PropStream falls short

  • Poor design: There’s so much data and information packed into the map it’s actually hard to use in the field; the text is small and the buttons run into each other, which makes the map hard to read and navigate (especially when behind the wheel).
  • Poor performance: The app is notorious for crashing on both Android and Apple devices, especially when the user is on the road driving.
  • Property data cap: You can only save or export 10,000 properties per month.
  • Primarily for list-pulling: Propstream is founded on list-pulling, not driving for dollars. Though they’ve recently added a driving for dollars feature, it’s still clunky and lacks the ease of DealMachine.

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3. BatchDriven

$49/mo (Base); $119/mo (Performance); $199/mo (Performance+)
Avg rating
4.0 (128 reviews)
Apple | Google Play

What is BatchDriven: BatchDriven is a driving for dollars app that allows users to send text messages to potential leads.

Who should consider BatchDriven: BatchDriven is designed for individual and team use. It offers many of the same functionalities as platforms like DealMachine and PopStream, but charges more for them. If the real-time texting feature appeals, go for it. Otherwise, check out alternatives first.

How BatchDriven works: After you open the app, click on “Find Deals” to access the driving for dollars map. Click “Start Tracking” in the top-left corner, then select a folder to store the info the data and info you gather on your drive. As you drive around and see properties, you can tap them on the map to pull up property information, save them to your list, or send direct messages.

👍 What we like about BatchDriven

  • SMS text marketing: BatchDriven is the only app on this list that allows you to send text messages to property owners.
  • Plot properties: Pinpoint potential deals on a map, then find the most efficient driving route to them.
  • Virtual drive for dollars: Allows you to track a virtual driving for dollars campaign using Google Maps.

👎 Where BatchDriven falls short

  • Fewer search filters: For the same price, you get more search filters on DealMachine and PropStream (such as liens, public auctions, and zombie properties).
  • Freezes during high-volume campaigns: Many users reported glitches or crashes after sending multiple SMS to leads.
  • Features don’t justify high cost: At $119 per month, BatchDriven’s “Performance” plan is the most expensive second-tier subscription of all the driving for dollars apps. And yet it doesn’t offer any extra features for the added cost: All of BatchDriven’s tools (minus texting) can be found on DealMachine and PropStream for a lower price.

4. Propelio

$29/mo (Starter) or $98/mo (Pro)
Avg rating
4.2 (37 reviews)
Apple | Google Play

What is Propelio: Propelio is a comprehensive driving for dollars app with route tracking, list sharing, skip tracing, and the option to send postcards. It also offers built-in MLS comps in select markets.

Who should consider Propelio: Propelio is a great option for team usage, as there’s no limit to the number of drivers you can add to your plan. That said, its design and functions are a bit lacking compared to DealMachine’s.

How Propelio works: Once you’ve downloaded the app, create a new list then click “Start Driving.” Drive your own self-determined route, or filter properties on your map by certain criteria (like foreclosures and vacancies) and hit those first. Save properties to your list, then find owner info through the app’s built-in specs.

👍 What we like about Propelio

  • Unlimited drivers: Allows you to add as many drivers as you want and sync lists without any additional costs.
  • Easy to find distressed properties: “Spy Drive” will automatically locate distressed and vacant properties on your map.
  • Direct marketing: Lets you send postcards ($.40/card) or conduct skip traces ($.15.skip trace) directly through the app.

👎 Where Propelio falls short

  • Clunky design: Propelio is a bit glitchy and hard to use in the field. The map gets obscured by the filters, which makes it hard to navigate with.
  • No customization: Postcards are pre-generated and can’t be edited.
  • Overly sensitive to touch: You can easily add properties to your list without realizing it.
  • Poorly conceived in-app purchase: You can’t buy postcards or skip traces directly through the app; you have to pre-load money through the Propolio website. This can be irritating if you run out of money while out driving.

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5. Driving for Dollars

$19.99/mo (Starter) or $99.99/mo (Pro)
Avg rating
3.1 (105 reviews)
Apple Store | Google Play

What is Driving for Dollars: Driving for Dollars is a basic driving for dollars app with built-in route tracking.

Who should consider the Driving for Dollars app: Solo investors and flippers who aren’t working with or managing a team. But in reality, this app is pretty poorly reviewed and lacking core features and functionalities. We recommend checking out top alternatives like DealMachineinstead.

How Driving for Dollars works: After downloading the Driving for Dollars app, you create a new list and start driving. When you see a property in real-time, pinpoint it on your D4D map to pull up information. After you’ve saved enough properties, save the entire list within the app. Later, you can download the list to your computer or export it as an excel sheet.

👍 What we like about the Driving for Dollars app

  • It’s cheap: With a basic membership ($19.99/mo), you can track your drives, pin properties on the D4D’s built-in map, and view owner information on the spot.
  • Download lead lists: Combine all of your favorite properties in a single list, then export them as an excel spreadsheet.

👎 Where the Driving for Dollars app falls short

  • Poor quality: The app crashes — a lot — and will often freeze while you’re driving.
  • Easy to erase lists: Your lists don’t save automatically. You can lose all your pinned properties if you don’t save the list manually before closing out of the app.
  • Can’t add drivers: You can’t sync your lists with other users, so it’s not good for a team.
  • Inaccurate info: The data on properties is often missing critical fields, such as owner contact info and vacancy status.

Other real estate apps to check out

6. LandGlide

$9.99/mo or $99.99/yr
Avg rating
4.7 (37,050 reviews)
Apple | Google Play

What is LandGlide: Though not a use-built driving for dollars app, Landglide allows you to see parcel data for over 143 million properties in 2,700 counties.

Who should consider LandGlide: Budget-conscious investors who are simply interested in tracking down owner information, such as names, primary residence, and phone numbers.

How LandGlide works: Browse the map, hover over a property, and quickly view critical information, such as the owner’s name, current mailing address, and the property’s details. You can add notes to properties in the map (such as those taken during a drive), save properties, and even download info and save it as an excel sheet.

👍 What we like about LandGlide

  • Easy to find property owners: Simply click a property and you’ll find who owns a piece of property and how you can contact them.
  • Find unregistered properties: Because you’re getting a parcel number, you can find properties that don’t have registered addresses (great for land investors).
  • Aggregates public info: For a low monthly fee, you won’t have to trudge through clunky county appraisers or accessor sites: Landglide pulls all that data for you.

👎 Where LandGlide falls short

  • Not actually a driving for dollars app: Landglide technically isn’t built for driving for dollars campaigners so it doesn’t have any of the features listed above. It’s a great (and cheap) tool for tracking down property and owner info — but you won’t get most core D4D app features, like route tracking, comps, and integrated marketing tools.

7. Homesnap

Avg rating
4.8 (95,590 reviews)
Apple | Google Play

What is Homesnap: Homesnap is a free app that aggregates publicly available property data, such as estimated property value, foreclosure status (if applicable), last sales date and price, estimated taxes, and the year it was built.

Who should consider Homesnap: Homesnap isn’t technically a driving for dollars app — it’s primarily built for retail home buyers — but we included it on our list because it’s a good free tool for the casual investor or flipper who doesn’t want to invest in a paid app for prospecting deals.

How Homesnap works: It’s pretty simple: Like most listing portals, you browse the map and select properties to view information. While this is a useful feature to have on the go, again, you’re not getting any core features of a dedicated D4D app like route tracking, list building, and built-in marketing.

👍 What we like about Homesnap

  • Find potentially great deals from your phone: You can browse photos to spot off-market, distressed, and recently sold homes.
  • It’s free: Gets you real-time property info for $0 per month — but you’ll have to use in conjunction with another route tracking app (or paper map and highlighter).

👎 Where Homesnap falls short

  • Not a driving for dollars app: Again, this is more of a DIY hack app. Homesnap technically isn’t a D4D app, so you won’t get core functions like skip tracing, route planning and tracking, direct marketing, comps, and so on.

Summary: Best driving for dollars apps

  • The best driving for dollars app is one that can track your drive, give you details on properties, and allow you to contact the owners seamlessly within the app.
  • DealMachine is our pick for the best driving for dollars app on the market in 2022. Not only is it simple to use, but it has the most effective direct marketing of any app.
  • PropStream is great for pulling lists and finding data on property. But its driving for dollars function is clunky and not intuitive.
  • BatchDriven, Propelio, and Driving for Dollars each have some unique features, but none are as effective at closing leads as DealMachine.
  • You don’t have to use a driving for dollars app to find leads. But for serious investors, these apps can accelerate how many leads you close per year.
  • To find the best app for you, give each one a test drive using their free trials.

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