Georgia Seller Closing Cost Calculator

Georgia state flagWith this calculator, you can easily estimate the Georgia home seller closing costs and seller "net" proceeds. Simply enter the sale price, followed by the various closing costs, including seller-paid closing costs (if applicable).
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1. What is the selling or listing price?
2. Home Warranty
3. Mortgage Payoff (1st mortgage)
4. Mortgage Payoff (2nd mortgage)
5. Pest Inspection
6. Realtor Commission Percentage  
7. Realtor Commission - Flat dollar amount*  
8. Additional Broker Fees
9. Seller Cost Contribution  
10. Seller Cost Contribution - Flat dollar amount*  
11. Real Estate Tax Proration  
12. Georgia Transfer Tax  
15. Annual real estate taxes PAID?
16. What is the closing date? (Example - 12/12/2018)
  split-commission CALCULATOR
18. Sales Price %  
19. Commission on first dollar amount
20. Commission on remaining amount
21. Total Real Estate Commission ADD TO TOTAL
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Realtor® Commission - Flat dollar amount* - If the commission is a flat dollar amount (i.e. $6,000), enter that amount in the adjacent box. The cost will override the percentage calculation. If the split-commission calculator is used below, the calculation will override both the percentage and flat dollar commission. Be sure to tick the box to add to total for this feature to work.

Seller Cost Contribution - If the seller is paying a flat dollar amount toward the seller assist, enter the cost in the adjacent box. The cost will override the percentage calculation. Make sure you are within the maximum allowable cost for a seller assist. Learn more about the seller paid closing costs

split-commission Calculator - The split-commission calculator will estimate the commission when the commission is "split" between two percentages. If the commission is calculated on a split-commission percentage, make sure you tick the "ADD TO TOTAL" to Yes.

Frequently Ask Questions About Georgia Closing Costs

What costs do sellers pay to sell their home?

The seller typically pays the Georgia transfer tax, the cost is $1.00 per $1,000. For example, a sales price of $100,000/1,000 = 100 X $1.00 = $100.00. The Georgia transfer tax is one of the lowest in the country. Georgia does not have any mortgage, recordation, or excise taxes.

The real estate taxes that are paid or unpaid will be prorated to the date of settlement. If the real estate taxes are unpaid, the amount of unpaid taxes for the time the seller occupied the property will be subtracted from the proceeds of the sale.

Additional costs include real estate agent fees and any seller paid closing costs that were agreed to and stated in the sales contract.