Best 2% Real Estate Commission Companies (2022)

Written by Steven PorrelloSeptember 19th, 202212 minute read

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A 2% commission realtor is a real estate agent who will list and sell your home for 2% of the home’s final sale price instead of the typical 2.5-3% commission rate.

Zooming out, when most people sell a house, they’ll pay between 5–6% in total realtor commissions from their sale proceeds at closing. Half goes to the listing agent, the other half goes to the buyer’s agent. Based on a $440,000 home sale (the median sale price in the U.S.), that’s up to $24,000 in realtor fees. Yikes!

With a 2% commission realtor, you knock 1% off that total 6% commission fee at the closing table. That’s a cool $4,400, using the same $440,000-home example.

It’s possible to negotiate a 2% commission with a realtor yourself — but some brokerages offer 2% listing fees (or lower!) as a built-in benefit. This guide breaks down the best companies offering a 2% commission or lower, plus some tips to help you choose the right one.

Summary: Best 2% real estate commission brands

Listing fee
Avg. seller savings*
Avg. customer rating
4.9 (1,995 reviews)
3.7 (301 reviews)
4.6 (5,093 reviews)
**Avg of savings vs a full 3% listing fee at four price points: $100k, $250k, $500k, $750k

Bottom line: You can do better than a 2% realtor commission!

A 2% commission realtor nets you some savings, but there are several low commission real estate brands offering even lower listing fees (as low as 1%) without skimping on service or agent quality.

We think Clever Real Estate is the best value for most home sellers. Clever’s 1% listing fees are the lowest of any nationwide, full-service brand. And unlike Redfin — which offers in-house, discount agents — Clever matches you with local realtors from major brands (e.g., Keller Williams, Century 21, etc.) and top regional brokerages. But when you connect with them through Clever, you get special insider rates.

Clever also offers more agent selection and flexibility, and has the highest overall customer satisfaction rating of any low commission brand.

Ideal Agent and Redfin are also worth a look, but only if Clever can’t find you an agent you like. Both are more expensive (Redfin is 1.5%, Ideal Agent is 2%) and have a few drawbacks: Redfin, a discount brokerage, has limited agent selection and service quality risks; Ideal Agent also has limited agent selection and again, it’s literally 2x more than Clever for the same service.

⚡️ Quick tip: Shop around for the best value!

We think Clever is the best choice overall, but it’s free to request and interview agents from any of the companies in this guide. It’s always a good idea to compare a few options to ensure you get the best fit and value. Start with Clever to maximize your potential savings. If you don’t like any of the agents they recommend, work your way down the list.

The best 2% real estate commission companies: Full breakdown

1. 🏆 Best: Clever Real Estate

What it is: Clever Real Estate (or just Clever) is a free agent matching service that pre-negotiates low 1% listing fees with top-rated agents nationwide.

How it works: After signing up, you provide Clever with a few details about your sale and personal preferences. Clever hand-picks several agent matches for you to choose between from its vetted network of 12,000+ agents nationwide. Your agent provides the same service and support as they offer their full-commission clients, from listing through closing. And you pay the reduced listing fee (and applicable buyer’s agent fee) at closing, saving you thousands.

Clever pros

Lowest listing fees: Clever is the only full-service nationwide brand offering a true 1% listing fee. Based on Clever’s data, the average seller saves about $9,600 compared to what they’d pay had they found the same agent on their own.

High-quality agents. Clever agents are available across the nation and they typically work for nationally recognized brands, such as Keller Williams, RE/MAX, and Berkshire Hathaway. Agents are vetted and must have:

  • At least five years of experience.
  • Stellar reviews from past sellers.
  • Proven track record of success in their local market.

Superb customer reviews. Clever has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the biz. Its average customer rating is 4.9-out-of-5-stars, based on more than 1,995.

Clever cons

Savings diminish at lower price points. Sellers with homes below the $350,000 mark pay a flat $3,000 listing fee. At lower price points, like a $150,000 home, your effective commission rate would be 2%. But it’s worth pointing out that this is true of most low commission brands (Redfin, for example, has even higher minimum fees). And Clever’s highest effective rate is equal to Ideal Agent’s base rate.

2. Redfin

What it is: A well-established, widely available discount brokerage that charges a 1.5% listing fee when you sell your home with one of its in-house agents.

How it works: You find and hire salaried Redfin agents through Redfin’s website. You’ll generally get all the services you’d expect from a conventional realtor, but the experience may be a bit different. Redfin relies more heavily on a team-based approach and technology, which usually means dealing with a number of different people throughout your sale — and often less hands-on support. You pay Redfin the 1.5% listing fee at closing, plus any applicable buyer’s agent fee.

Redfin pros

Decent commission savings. Redfin’s 1.5% listing fee offers solid potential savings compared to the typical 2.5-3% rate. But note that it’s still higher than services like Clever. And watch out for Redfin’s hidden minimum fees that vary by market.

Some good agents (and transparency). Redfin’s agent quality can be mixed, but it definitely has some solid real estate agents in its ranks. Its agent finder tool is also transparent, allowing you to view recent transactions and unfiltered customer reviews.

Redfin cons

Less agent selection. Redfin is currently available in about 80 major U.S. markets. But even within those markets, Redfin often only has a few agents to choose from. This can make it hard to find a good fit or move fast, if the best choices aren’t available. You’ll get more agent selection from brands like Clever, which has a network of ~14,000 agents and nationwide coverage.

Agents might be overextended. Redfin agents typically deal with more home sellers than the average agent. This could leave them overburdened and too time-strapped to give your home due diligence.

Team-based approach increases risk of errors. Since you’re working with multiple people, there’s more room for miscommunications or errors. If you want a personalized, one-on-one experience with a listing agent, Redfin might not be for you.

» MORE: Clever Real Estate vs. Redfin: Which Is Better?

3. Ideal Agent

What it is: Ideal Agent is a free agent matching service that negotiates 2% listing fees with the realtors in its network.

How it works: After signing up on Ideal Agent’s website, you’ll get connected with a top-producing local agent (assuming Ideal Agent has coverage in your area). At closing, you’ll pay a 2% listing fee ($3,000 minimum) plus the applicable buyer’s agent fee.

Ideal Agent pros

Solid customer reviews. Most reviews on Ideal Agent applaud the service and its team. Agents are generally noted as high quality, helpful, and professional.

Good agent quality. Ideal Agent has some of the strictest criteria for the agents in its network, at least according to its website. Ideal Agent says its minimum requirements for agents to join its network include:

  • Active sales or broker license.
  • A least five years of experience.
  • At least 50 (small market) or 100 (large market) transactions in the past 12 months.
  • At least 25 reviews on Zillow or with a cumulative 4.9-star rating.

Ideal Agent cons

Savings are minimal. Ideal Agent’s 2% listing fee nets you some savings compared to the typical 2.5-3% rate, but other options like Clever (1% fee) or even Redfin (1.5%) will save you far more.

Only one agent match. Ideal Agent’s agent network is considerably smaller (2,000 total) than other agent matching services. And it only provides one agent match when you sign up, putting you in a take-it-or-leave-it situation. Other agent matching services, like Clever Real Estate and UpNest, have much larger networks (~14,000, respectively) and match you with multiple agents so you can compare options and choose the best fit.

4. Prevu

What it is: Prevu is a discount real estate brokerage offering in-house agents and 1.5% listing fees for home sellers in select cities in five states: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

How it works: Prevu agents provide full service for a discounted 1.5% listing fee. But it also has hefty minimum fees that vary by market (and aren’t clearly disclosed on Prevu’s website). These fees can result in much higher effective rates for sellers with lower-value homes. For example, Prevu’s minimum fee in NYC is $12,500 — so if your home is worth less than $835,000, you’ll be paying a higher effective rate than the advertised 1.5% fee..

Prevu pros

Decent savings for pricier homes. If you’re selling a higher-value home (which may be the case for many sellers in the luxury markets Prevu operates in), the 1.5% listing fee rate can yield decent savings. Though there may be cheaper options, like Clever (1% listing fee) or SimpleShowing (1% listing fee). Houwzer (next on this list) also operates in many of the same markets and has a flat $5,000 listing fee, which could net you a better effective rate at higher price points.

Prevu cons

High minimum fees (and no transparency). Prevu has some of the highest minimum fees of any discount or low commission brand. They vary by market and are actually hard to track down (i.e., you won’t find them on the website). While Prevu primarily operates in markets with pricier-than-average homes — which means many sellers won’t bump into that minimum fee vs. advertised 1.5% rate threshold — it’s still definitely something to watch out for as you’re weighing your options.

Limited agent selection. Like other discount brokerages (see Redfin), Prevu is only going to have a handful of agents to choose from in a given market. This makes it harder to find the best fit, in terms of experience and personality, for your sale.

5. Houwzer

What it is: Houwzer is a discount real estate brokerage with in-house agents and flat $5,000 listing fees. It’s currently available in select cities in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, as well as Washington D.C.

How it works: Houwzer is a flat fee real estate brokerage, meaning every seller pays the same listing fee amount ($5,000) regardless of their final sale price. Note: The buyer’s agent fee will still be the typical 2.5-3% rate.

🔎 Example: Houwzer’s effective rates and savings at different price points

Sale price
Houwzer fee
Effective %
Potential savings*
*Compared to full 3% listing fee.

Houwzer pros

Big potential savings for pricier homes. Because of Houwzer’s flat fee pricing model, the pricier the home the lower your effective listing commission rate — and bigger the potential savings. But Houwzer’s value, from a cost-savings perspective, really only applies for sellers at the $750,000 mark and above.

Full-service brokerage. While there are some service-quality risks (see below), Houwzer appears to have fewer tradeoffs — and include more of the services you’d expect from a conventional realtor — compared to some other discount brokerages, like Redfin and Homie.

Houwzer cons

Houwzer agents may have less bandwidth. Like most discount brokerages, Houwzer’s agents must handle a higher volume of clients to offset their discounted rates. That means more risk of an overextended agent, which could translate to less responsiveness, availability, and hands-on support.

Not a good value for lower and mid-priced homes. Houwzer’s model means savings increase alongside home values. Of course, the opposite is true as well. If your home is near or below the $500,000 mark, you’re going to start seeing higher effective commission rates than you’d get with alternative low commission companies. And agent matching services like Clever typically offer more agent selection and fewer service quality risks. It’s worth comparing a few options to ensure you’re getting the best agent for the job, regardless of your home’s price point.

How to choose a 2% commission real estate company

Read recent reviews. You’ll find plenty of real estate companies that offer 2% commissions, but very few deliver exceptional service at that lower price. Take your time reading through customer reviews and pay attention to any negative themes.

🛎️Only work with full-service companies. The best 2% commission realtors offer the same services as 3% realtors, just at a discounted price. Companies like Clever" match you with top-rated local agents who provide the same 100% full-service experience their full-commission clients get — but you get special insider pricing.

📝 Interview 2–3 agents. Once the service matches you with agents, take some time to meet and interview at least two, but ideally three. Selling a house is a stressful, high-stakes process. It’s incredibly important to find the right agent for the job — not just in terms of experience, but also personality.

🚩Avoid brands with upfront fees. The best low commission real estate companies (and most realtors, for that matter) charge a success-based fee — i.e., you only pay if they successfully sell the home, and owe nothing until closing. Some discount brokerages make you pay a nonrefundable fee upfront, which is a big red flag. Avoid these brands. Stick to companies with success-based fees, which offsets your risk and out-pocket-costs.

⚠️Watch out for hidden minimum fees. Most low commission brands with percentage-based commission models will also have a minimum fee. This protects their bottom line, ensuring they still turn a reasonable profit when selling a lower-priced home. Look for a company that’s upfront and transparent about its minimum fees. And if your selling a less expensive home, make sure the cost-savings value is actually still there. For example, if a company has a $10,000 minimum listing fee and you’re selling a $250,000 home, that’s an effective 4% listing fee; you could do better with a conventional realtor charging the typical 2.5-3%.

FAQ about 2% commission realtors

How does a 2% realtor commission work?

In a conventional home sale, home sellers typically cover the commissions for both agents involved in the sale — their own listing agent and the buyer’s agent. Based on the traditional 6% commission structure, the seller would pay each agent ~3% (so 6% total) from their sale proceeds at closing.

When you sell with a 2% commission realtor, you still pay the typical buyer’s agent fee (3%), but the listing fee is set at 2%, which translates to a 5% total commission. While it doesn’t sound like much of a difference, homes are big-ticket items. Even a 1% reduction can translate to thousands more in your pocket after closing.

Do I only pay a 2% buyer’s agent commission as well?

Probably not. When you work with a 2% commission realtor, the set 2% rate is referring to the listing fee only — not the buyer’s agent fee.

Buyer’s agent fees are negotiable and vary by market, but 2.5-3% is typical nationwide. You can certainly offer a 2% buyer’s agent fee, but depending on the circumstances surrounding your sale (local market norms, home price, buyer demand, etc.), a less-than-competitive buyer’s agent commission could adversely affect your sale outcome.

You and your listing agent will agree on a buyer’s agent fee when you sign your listing agreement. That rate will appear on your MLS listing, along with your property description, details, and photos, as incentive for agents to show your home to their clients.

Why would a realtor offer a 2% commission rate?

Many realtors offer a lower commission rate to attract more clients. In markets where lots of agents are competing for a limited number of home sellers, offering a lower listing fee can help give them an edge and sign more new business.

But there can be risks. Some individual agents and discount brokerages have to handle a much higher volume of clients to offset their discounted rates, which can negatively affect the services and support you get throughout your sale. Other companies, like Clever, simply generate new customers for agents, which helps them save time and money. And those savings get passed on to you in the form of a reduced commission without sacrificing service or agent quality.

Make sure you understand how the low commission agent or company is creating the savings (and whether there are any tradeoffs) before you sign on the dotted line.

How much can I save with a 2% realtor commission?

Based on the median home sale price in 2022 (roughly $440,000), you can save around $4,400 when you list with a 2% agent.

The amount you actually save depends on the final sale price of your home. Generally speaking, for every $100,000 in your home’s final sale price, you’ll save $1,000 in agent commissions with a 2% agent. For comparison, here’s how much you might save for different sale prices.

Sale price
Buyers agent fee (3%)
Listing fee (2%)
Total commission (5%)
Total savings*
*Compared to a full 6% total commission.

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