Seller Closing Cost Calculator for Wisconsin (2022 Data)

Written by Elizabeth BoydFebruary 9th, 20233 minute read

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Seller Closing Cost Calculator for Wisconsin

Our Wisconsin closing cost calculator can help you estimate the net proceeds from selling your home. Expenses and actual proceeds vary depending on market factors, sales price, commission rates, and other factors.

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Wisconsin seller closing cost calculator

Wisconsin closing cost estimator breakdown

🔍 Closing cost
💰 Amount
5.67% ($15,034)


0.43% ($1,140)
0.30% ($795)
Amount calculations based on the median home price of $265,155.[1]

Realtor commission fees (5.67%)

In Wisconsin, sellers pay an average total commission rate of 5.67% of your home's sale price. This fee is typically split equally between the listing agent and buyer agent. The realtor commission fee is the largest closing cost for sellers.

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Deed and transfer preparation ($150–$200)

In Wisconsin, sellers must file an electronic Real Estate Transfer Return (RETR) to transfer the title to the new owner. Sellers typically pay an attorney to prepare the new deed, file the eRETR, and ensure accuracy and compliance with Wisconsin real estate transfer rules and regulations.

Delivery/wire ($30–$100)

Many homeowners still hold a mortgage when selling their homes. In those cases, they must pay off the loans to transfer ownership at closing. When paying via wire or a certified check delivered by courier, delivery or bank wire fees apply.

Recording fees ($30)

Recording fees are paid to the county Register of Deeds when transferring a real estate title to the new owner. The fee is $30 in Wisconsin.

Title insurance (0.43%)

The owner’s title insurance protects the buyer’s financial interests if future title challenges or issues arise. Wisconsin home sellers usually pay the owner’s title insurance for the buyer while the buyer purchases the lender’s title policy. In Wisconsin, the premium amount typically depends on the home's value.

Transfer tax (0.30%)

Wisconsin transfer taxes apply in most home sales over $1,000. State law sets the rate at $0.30 per $100 of the total sales price (0.3%).

Home warranty ($300–$600)

Warranty coverage can reduce buyer concerns when purchasing an older home, acting as an incentive to purchase. This service contract lowers the cost of maintenance and repairs on major home systems and covered appliances. Wisconsin sellers customarily pay for one year of home warranty coverage for their buyers.

Prorated property tax

Wisconsin counties charge property taxes in arrears, with the tax bills usually arriving around mid-December, covering that entire year. Sellers typically cover the prorated tax amount for January 1 of the current year through the closing date.

How to save on Wisconsin seller closing costs

✅ Sell with a low-commission realtor

Your most significant closing cost is the commission you pay the listing and buyer’s agents. Commission eats up 5–6% of your proceeds. The good news is that you can lower those costs by choosing a low-commission listing agent.

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✅ Negotiate closing costs with the buyer

You may be able to reduce your expenses by negotiating some of your closing costs with your buyer. It’s common for buyers to volunteer to pay costs in a hot seller’s market. Speak with your listing agent to determine how receptive the buyer may be when you sell.

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Wisconsin seller closing cost calculator FAQ

Does the seller pay closing costs in Wisconsin?

Yes, the seller pays closing costs in Wisconsin. The average amount is 0.9% of the home sale price plus realtor commissions, averaging 5.67%. Wisconsin buyers pay closing costs, too. But they differ from the traditional seller expenses.

How are property taxes handled at closing in Wisconsin?

Both the seller and buyer pay their portion of the prorated property taxes at closing. Together, the amount should cover the bill for the entire year. The money is placed in escrow. The new owner’s mortgage company will then pay the tax bill when it comes due the following year. The buyer continues paying a monthly prorated property tax included in their mortgage payment to cover each new annual tax bill.

Who pays transfer tax in Wisconsin?

Transfer taxes are usually paid by the seller at closing. However, these fees can be negotiable, like most settlement fees at closing. We recommend working with an experienced real estate agent to help you negotiate closing costs and get the lowest possible fees.