Wisconsin Title Insurance Rate and Transfer Tax Calculator

Wisconsin state flagUse the Wisconsin title insurance rate calculator to estimate the basic title insurance rates for the great state of Wisconsin. This calculator will also estimate the transfer tax. The deed transfer tax is $3.00 per $1000.00 or major fraction thereof of consideration. The seller customarily pays the deed transfer tax. Wisconsin does not have a mortgage, recordation or excise tax. Title insurance premium includes the search and examination fee. Title insurance rates must be filed with the Commissioner of Insurance Wisconsin. The seller customarily pays for the owner's policy and the purchaser pays for the loan policy. The Wisconsin title insurance rate calculator will estimate the residential, non-commercial title insurance rates. Needless to say, always speak to a licensed title insurance agent for the definitive title insurance cost in Wisconsin. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment.


  Wisconsin Title Insurance and Transfer Tax Calculator
  Selling price of property  
  Mortgage Amount  
  Transfer Tax
  State Transfer Tax  
  Title Insurance
  CFPB Owner's Title Policy Disclosure Calculation  
  Basic Owner's Policy (Actual Premium)    
  Simultaneous Loan Policy (Actual Premium)    
  Stand-alone Loan Policy (Actual Premium)    
  CFPB - Owner's Policy Disclosed Amount    
  Title Insurance Premium Adjustment    
  TOTAL Title Insurance Premium    
  Title Insurance Endorsements
  ALTA 22-06 Location $0.00    
  ALTA 8.1-06 Environmental Protection Lien $0.00    
  ALTA 9-06 Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals $0.00    
  ALTA 25-06 Same As Survey $125.00    
  ALTA 4-06 Condominium $0.00    
  ALTA 4.1-06 Condominium $0.00    
  ALTA 5-06 Planned Unit Development $0.00    
  ALTA 6-06 Variable Rate Mortgage $125.00    
  ALTA 6.2-06 Variable Rate Mortgage-Negative Amorti $125.00    
  ALTA 7-06 Manufacturing Housing Unit $125.00    
  ALTA JR1 $25.00    
  ALTA JR2 Revolving Credit / Variable Rate $25.00    
  FNMA Balloon Mortgage $125.00    
  GAP Endorsement $125.00