How Much is Title Insurance in Texas?

Texas State FlagEasily calculate the Texas title insurance rate. Title insurance policy forms and endorsements are regulated by the Department of Insurance. Texas does not have a mortgage tax. Texas does not have deed transfer taxes or documentary stamps. Typically, recording fees for a document are $9.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page. Some counties add preservation fees. This calculator was updated to reflect the new title insurance rates effective May 1, 2013. Although negotiable, the seller pays for the owner's policy and the purchaser pays for the loan policy. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment.


  Texas Title Insurance Calculator
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  Mortgage Amount  
  Title Insurance
  CFPB Owner's Title Policy Disclosure Calculation
  Basic Owner's Policy (Actual Premium)  
  Simultaneous Loan Policy (Actual Premium)  
  Stand-alone Loan Policy (Actual Premium)  
  CFPB - Owner's Policy Disclosed Amount  
  Title Insurance Premium Adjustment  
  TOTAL Title Insurance Premium    
  Title Insurance Endorsements
  Policy Guaranty Fee  
  Tax Deletion:  
  Not Yet Due and Payable  
  T-17 PUD  
  T-19 (Rest/Encro/Mineral)  
  T-19.2 Mineral & Surface Damage  
  T-19.3 Mineral & Surface Damage  
  T-28 (Condo)      
  T-31 Manufactured Housing  
  T-31.1 Manufactured Housing  
  T-33 Variable Rate Mortgage  
  T-35 Revolving Credit  
  T-36 EPA  
  T-39 (Balloon)  
  T-42 Home Equity      
  T-42.1 Supplemental Home Equity      
  Total Endorsements      

How do I calculate the title insurance premium in Texas?

The Texas Department of Insurance provides a nice rate chart and calculation examples. Texas title insurance rate chart

What is simultaneous issue?

When the owner's title insurance policy and the lender's (loan) policy is purchased, the total cost can be reduced if the purchaser meets the requirements of the Texas Department of Insurance.

Simultaneous Issuance of Owner's and Loan Policies:
THIS RULE MAY NOT BE APPLIED in connection with the issuance of a series of loan policies due to notes being allocated to individual units in connection with a master policy covering the total investigation, including improvements.

Individual Loan Policies are required to be issued at the Basic Rate.

Except as otherwise provided in this rule, when an Owner's Policy and a Loan Policy (ies) are issued concurrently, bearing the same date, and covering the same land, or a portion thereof, covered by the Owner's Policy and no other land, the Owner's Policy shall be issued at the Basic Rate, and the premium for the Loan Policy (ies) shall be $100.00.

If the amount of the Loan Policy (ies) exceeds the amount of the Owner's Policy, the Basic Rate for the Owner's Policy will be charged, and the premium for the Loan Policy (ies) will be the Basic Rate plus $100.00 for each Loan Policy, minus the Basic Rate for the Owner's Policy.
SOURCE: Texas Department of Insurance

Home buyer's closing costs

Here is a list of additional closing costs for the Texas home buyer apart from the title insurance fees:

Delivery Fee/FedEx $25.00
Escrow Fee $300.00
Recording Fee $124.00
Restrictions/Copies $10.00
HOA Transfer Fee (per association) $125.00
Home Inspection Fee (optional) $200.00
Note and Deed of Trust $200.00
Survey $380.00
Termite Inspection $75.00