Massachusetts Title Insurance Rate & MA Transfer Tax Calculator

Massachusetts state flagEasily calculate the Massachusetts title insurance rate and transfer tax for 1 - 4 unit residential units, including the Massachusetts excise stamps. Massachusetts is one of only three states in the country that does not license title insurers and one of just eight states that do not regulate title insurance rates in any way; and does not regulate the agents who represent the insurers. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment.


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Excise tax in Massachusetts

The transfer tax rate is $4.56 per $1000 or fraction thereof of taxable value. There is no excise (transfer) tax due where the stated consideration is less than $100.00.

What is the reissue rate in Massachusetts

The reissue rate is 60% of the rate for the original insurance. The reissue rate can be applied only up to the amount of insurance of previously issued policy. The excess amount of insurance, if any, must be calculated at charges under applicable brackets. Reissue rates are applicable under the following circumstances:

1. A purchaser or lessee or real estate from one whose title thereto, as owner, has been insured by any title insurance company within seven (7) year prior to the application for a new owner's or leasehold policy shall be entitled to the reissue rate for owner's title insurance in an amount up to the face liability of such former policy. A copy of said former policy must be furnished to the new insurer (new issuing agent) prior to issuance of the new owner's policy.

2. An assured under an owner's or leasehold owner's policy grants a mortgage on the property insured desires to furnish his mortgagee with a policy of title insurance. The premium for the Lender’s policy is calculated as stated in the definition above.