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Pennsylvania Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Peennsylvania state flagThis Pennsylvania refinance calculator was designed for mortgage loan officers and homeowners contemplating a mortgage refinance. The operation is simple, enter the mortgage payoff(s) (and any other monthly debt to be paid off under the refinance) in the monthly debt table. This calculator is based on a simple conventional refinance loan.

Loan Set Up   Summary  
New Interest Rate   New Loan Amount  
Term (years)   Monthly Payment  
Market Value Estimate   Loan to Value  
Annual Real Estate Taxes        
Annual homeowner's insurance   Payment Summary  
      Principal & Interest  
Lender Fees   1/12 Property Tax  
Origination Fee   1/12 homeowner's insurance  
Discount Point(s)   1/12 Mortgage Insurance    
Application Fee   Total  
Commitment Fee    
  Mortgage Payoff  
Total   Current Loan Balance (1st)  
      Current Loan Balance (2nd)  
Closing Costs & Prepaid Expenses    
Appraisal Fee   Total  
Closing Protection Letter        
Courier Express Mail   Additional Payoff  
Credit Report Fee    
Document Download    
Flood Certification Fee    
Incoming Wire Fee    
Outgoing Wire Fee    
Lien Letters    
Notary Fee    
Recording Fees    
Tax Service Fees    
Title Insurance    
Title Insurance Endorsements   Total  
  Payment Comparison  
  New Payment  
Prepaid Fees    
Property Taxes (est @ 10 mos)   Total  
Property Tax Escrow (2 mos)    
homeowner's insurance (1 Yr)    
Per Diem Interest    
Homeowners Ins Escrow (2 mos)