Seller Closing Costs in Washington DC & Calculator

Adding machine calculatorEasily calculate the closing costs and seller transfer tax with the seller net calculator. Simply enter the property sale (or list) price, and adjust the closing costs if necessary. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment.

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1. What is the selling or listing price?
2. Mortgage Payoff (1st mortgage)  
3. Mortgage Payoff (2nd mortgage)  
4. Additional Payoff(s)  
5. Settlement Date (ex 4/15/2021)  
6. Annual real estate taxes  
8. Additional Real Estate Broker Fees
9. Deed transfer Tax
10. Recordation tax (typically paid by buyer)
11. Courier / Overnight / Wire Fees
12. Deed Preparation
13. Home Owner Association (HOA) / Condo Fees
14. Home Warranty (Estimated $425)
15. Mortgage Release Fee
16. Real Estate Tax Proration
17. Real estate taxes (past due & penalties)
18. Realtor Commission Percentage/Flat fee
19. Seller Cost Contribution
20. Settlement/Attorney Fee (varies)
21. Termite Treatment / Repairs
22. Water Escrow
Realtor Commission - Flat dollar amount* - If the commission is a flat dollar amount (i.e. $6,000), enter that amount in the adjacent box. The cost will override the percentage calculation.
Seller Cost Contribution* - If the seller is paying a flat dollar amount toward the seller assist, enter the cost in the adjacent box. The cost will override the percentage calculation. Make sure you are within the maximum allowable cost for a seller assist.

Washington D.C. transfer and recordation tax

By custom, the buyer pays the recordation tax and the seller pays the deed transfer tax. However, the payment responsibility for the transfer tax and recordation fee is dictated by the sales contract.

Many settlement companies will bundle the usual settlement fees, for example:

Check from escrow for closing proceeds
Document Preparation
electronic signing of eligible documents, in advance
Notary Fees
Overnight or Courier services
Scan and secure email of signed closing documents
Settlement appointment with all parties